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News release from the Downtown Improvement District:

Downtown Fort Wayne Launches 360° Virtual Tour

(October 4, 2016) – The Downtown Improvement District is proud to announce the launch of its 360° Virtual Tour of Downtown to connect locals and visitors alike to the great businesses and amenities in the heart of Fort Wayne.



Through numerous aerial, business and street level views; Phase 1 of the tour connects 58 initial retail and restaurant locations, as well as cultural and parking information into an easy to navigate and visually stunning super tour that will allow you to explore and plan your next visit to Downtown from virtually anywhere!

“Our mission is advancing the vibrancy of Downtown Fort Wayne and that means, getting more people to stay longer.” said Bill Brown, President of the Downtown Improvement District. “The new Downtown 360° Virtual Tour puts restaurants, retail, and attractions front and center for easy accessibility from anywhere, which is critical to increasing engagement for the benefit of our shared community. We continue to grow and improve through collaboration and appreciate the support of everyone who has made this virtual tour such a fun and valuable way to promote Downtown Fort Wayne.”

Each business or venue included will soon be able to use the 360° tour on their own websites and social media channels through a unique link. Continued support of the tour will be programmed annually to address updates and additions, ensuring a fresh interactive experience into the future.

“These new 360° videos beautifully showcase Downtown Fort Wayne’s vibrant museums, attractions, restaurants and shopping for our visitors. We are delighted to add this rich content to our city-wide 360° offerings, as we invite visitors to explore Fort Wayne.” said Visit Fort Wayne President, Dan O’Connell.

Another benefit of the robust 360° photography being shot around Downtown Fort Wayne is that Google pages for businesses and locations have been significantly strengthened by the valuable footage being submitted by contractor Clear Vision Media.

“We’re ecstatic with how this project turned out, and proud to be a partner in enhancing the Downtown experience of Fort Wayne. We’ve created some great relationships with the Downton Improvement District, Visit Fort Wayne and local not-for-profits in what is probably the largest, most comprehensive, feature-rich city VR Super Tour of its kind in the country.” said Principal Partner of Clear Vision Media Christopher Sanchez. “This technology is a perfect example of how all cities and communities will be marketed in the near future.”


Downtown 360° Virtual Tour Details:

  • The Downtown Improvement District, through its Co-Op marketing program commissioned the development of The Downtown 360° Virtual Tour by Clear Vision Media, with the valuable assistance of Visit Fort Wayne, for the benefit of District retailers, restaurants and attractions
  • The initial phase of the Downtown 360° Virtual Super Tour includes 58 initial business 360° photography tours connected by multiple aerial, business and street level views and includes a vast array of cultural, visual and parking information amenities for the benefit of the user.
  • Links to the Downtown 360° Virtual Tour are available on the main-page of the Downtown Improvement District website as well as on Visit Fort Wayne’s website. The direct link for the Downtown 360° Virtual Tour is
  • Unique links will be provided to all 58 initial businesses who can then link their location within the super tour to their own web and social media marketing channels.

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