Commissioners establish award honoring Linda & Jerry Vandeveer


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News release from the Allen County Commissioners:

Commissioners Establish Award Honoring Linda & Jerry Vandeveer
“Impact Award’ to annually recognize individuals for community service work

(September 16, 2016) — The Allen County Board of Commissioners today announced the establishment of an award which will honor volunteerism and community service work in the names of longtime community advocates Linda and Jerry Vandeveer.



“The Linda and Jerry Vandeveer Impact Award” will be presented annually by the board to an individual or individuals who reside in Allen County and have performed services for their community in the example and tradition set by the Vandeveers.

“Linda and Jerry have been catalysts for positive change in our community, whether its through making improvements to the Baker-Fairfield neighborhood where they live and work or their tireless advocacy for police and firefighters.” said Commissioner Nelson Peters. “The board wanted to create something that would both pay tribute to this tremendous couple while also recognizing those who perform similar good work and deeds for the betterment of our county.”

“The Vandeveers have always preferred to stay out of the limelight and wanted the focus to be on the cause or project they were working on,” said Commissioner Therese Brown. “Through the Impact Award, we wish to recognize those like Linda and Jerry who have had a positive impact without seeking recognition or reward.”

“We want to showcase persons who have made a commitment to meet a need in their community and whose devotion of time and energy serves as encouragement for others to do likewise,” added Commissioner Linda Bloom.

The Vandeveers are best known in the community for their work in creating and maintaining the Allen County Law Enforcement/Firefighters Memorial on North Wells Street. Linda Vandeveer has been battling Stage 4 terminal cancer.
Recipients of the award will be presented with a plaque and their names will be included on a perpetual plaque that will remain in the Commissioners’ office. More details on the award will be released in the next few weeks.


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