Great American Clean-up tomorrow


2016 Great American Cleanup City logo


Compiled from a news release from the City of Fort Wayne:

Great American Clean-up tomorrow

(May 20, 2016) – More than 5,000 residents are stepping up to pitch in for the annual Great American Cleanupâ„¢ on Saturday morning, May 21, 2016.

Volunteers from schools, churches, youth groups, businesses, neighborhood associations and families will spend Saturday morning cleaning up trash and debris along roadways, trails and greenways.

A record 270 groups are committed to doing their part to spiff-up Fort Wayne. A wrap-up party, with food, drinks, prizes and live entertainment, for all volunteers will take place as well.

In 2015, Fort Wayne volunteers collected 169,280 pounds of trash and debris, while cleaning 68 miles of roads, 33 miles of trails and 22 miles of riverbank.



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