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News release from Carroll High School:

Carroll High School Wins State Championship in Two Academic Super Bowl Subjects
Carroll finished top ten in the state overall

(May 13, 2016) – On May 7, 2016 Carroll High School sent three teams to compete in the 2016 Indiana Academic Super Bowl State Finals. One team competed in the Science category, one in Social Studies, and the third competed in the Math category. With a team of Jacob Boyer (11), Rocktim Datta (12), Katrina Fliotsos (11), and Dylan Fortney (11) Carroll brought home a State Championship in Science. With a team of Sara Ahmad (10), August Hagemann (12), Nils Hinniger (10), and Ben Parnin (11) Carroll also brought home a State Championship in Social Studies. Carroll’s third team was named a State Finalist in the Math category.

This is also the eighth year that the Indiana Association of School Principals (IASP) is recognizing the Top 10 teams in each Indiana Academic Super Bowl enrollment class, based on the cumulative scores of all six rounds at the Area Competition. Carroll High School earned a top ten finish in Class 1.

The high school (Senior Division) competition was made up of five subject matter rounds (English, science, social studies, mathematics, and fine arts) and a sixth interdisciplinary round in which questions may come from any and all of the subject matter rounds. Some interdisciplinary questions will require knowledge of at least two subject areas.

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