GE Coalition meets tomorrow


GE Campus Coalition


News release from the GE Campus Coalition:

GE Coalition meets tomorrow

The General Electric Campus Coalition will meet:

May 11
2:30 PM
Room 324
Citizens Square.

We will follow up on the February public meetings conducted by Andy Downs of Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics. Dr. Downs will present a report to the coalition. The media is invited to attend.

The GE Campus Coalition was formed by Councilman Geoff Paddock in May of 2015 to discuss possible reuse and re purposing of some of the buildings that occupy the General Electric Campus on Broadway in Fort Wayne. It is hoped the positive discussions and public input sessions put forward by the coalition and sponsored by Greater Fort Wayne, Inc., will shed a positive light on the potential for development of all or portions of the old GE factory Campus.

“Our hope is that because of the positive discussions of the past year, developers may be coming forward in the months ahead,” said Geoff Paddock.



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