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News release from Lifeline Data Centers:

Lifeline Data Centers Announces Progress of New Data Center Facility

(April 20, 2016) – Lifeline Data Centers is excited to share that we are making serious headway on the construction of our new data center in Fort Wayne, Indiana, which will be opened later this year. This new facility is especially significant, because it will be dubbed our new flagship data center and will also be one of the first – if not the first – EMP-ready commercial data centers in the world.

Lifeline purchased the former Target building on South Anthony Boulevard with the intention of transforming it into this new data center. Demolition of this building began last week and the team has been working hard to clean and prep the site for construction.

Alex Carroll, a managing member of Lifeline, says that we will have the architectural drawings finished in the next few weeks, as well. Once this is finalized, the permitting process will begin.

In line with the rest of our data centers, this new facility in Fort Wayne will be Rated-4. It is also currently undergoing the FedRAMP certification process. In order to do business with government agencies in the United States, Cloud Service Providers (CSP) must meet FedRAMP as part of the “Cloud first policy.” In the past, Lifeline has done remarkably well attaining the necessary certifications that allow us to stand out as a company that takes security and compliance very seriously. Click here to review our extensive list of certifications to date.

One of the best aspects of this new data center is the fact that it will create 90 to 100 high-paying jobs in the area. The center will open in November or December of 2016. Stay tuned!


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