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SPRING INTO MAKING! April & May 2016

Advanced Registration Required thru Eventbrite or by calling 260.432.1095
Registration for the ARCH*TEK Workshops directly at archfw.org/events/

Workshops open at 9 AM with noted exceptions. All day workshops are specified. Workshops take place at TekVenture 1800 Broadway except Flame Working Sat. May 21 Participants are urged to attend by 9:00 to catch initial instructions. All workshops cost $35 unless otherwise specified. Members receive 20% discount!
Kit of materials extra cost where specified.

Pick any 4 Saturdays to attend workshops of your choice!* – $100!
*First Come first served, advanced registration for this offer required by calling 260.432.1095


Week of April 11 – 17

Sat. April 16
Free Day Demonstrations and Hands-on Tools

Win a 3 month Indy or Family membership worth over $100!
Visit TekVenture today and put your name or biz card in the pot to be eligible.

Rapid Prototyping Center

Demonstrations of 3D Scanning, Printing, Vacuum Forming, Sewing, Button Making.
Manual and CNC demos of lathes, mills, Marvel saw, and shaper

ARCH*TEK Restoration Woodshop: Hand Tools

Hand Tools: professional restoration woodwright, Charlie Loew, provides an introduction to hand tool use with an emphasis on use in carpentry on historic buildings. Topics will include measuring and marking, the use of planes and chisels, and hand-held power tools, such as drills and saws. This class is intended for beginning to moderately-experienced students.

NOTE: This is not a free workshop; $10 Arch Members, $16 TekVenture Members, $20 for non-members. Three more ARCH*TEK Workshops: April 23, May 7 and 14.

Register for these ARCH*TEK workshops directly thru archfw.org/events.

‘Botz & Voltz
Learn to solder
Solder a simple electronics LED kit. Play with Vex Robots and see what tools are available in this robotics and electronics workshop that is also HQ for YouthBot, a high school robotics after-school program.

Tour of Tools for Working Hot and Cold Metal!
See the non-ferrous metal foundries, welders, rolling and bending machines, sand blaster, and other tools while blacksmiths demonstrate their bench-top propane-fired forges which participants might build in a Summer Workshop TBA.


Week of April 18 – 24

Sat. April 23
Figure That! Scan and 3D Print Your Personal Action Figure!
Dustin Harding shows you how to scan object or yourself, manipulate scanning software and operate a 3D printer to print scanned objects. Take home a printed object or a scannd object file for future 3D printing. Bring your flashdrive or laptop to upload files you created.

ARCH*TEK Restoration Woodworx: Mouldings
Moldings: Frequently in renovation one needs to match some existing molding. This course will cover how to make molding to match a sample by multiple-pass methods using a router, shaper, scratch stock, and table-saw molding head. Creating period-appropriate molding through built-up stock will also be covered as well installation, including cutting cope joints for inside corners. NOTE: This is not a free workshop; $10 Arch Members, $16 TekVenture Members, $20 for non-members. Two more ARCH*TEK Workshops: May 7 and 14.
Register for these ARCH*TEK workshops directly thru archfw.org/events.

Botz & Voltz
Using My Multimeter
Do more with your multimeter than just check continuity! Learn to measure voltage, amperage, resistance, in AC and DC circuits, check batteries, capacitors, motors, and other electrical devices. Learn about Ohm’s Law and simple electricity math. If you don’t yet own a multimeter, optional kit cost includes one. Kit cost: $6


Week of April 25 – May 1

Sat. April 30
Build HydroTower! A Hydroponic Growing Machine $50
A Workshop for city slicker gardeners has you building your own hydroponic growing tower for tomatoes, beans, peas and other vining crops. After brief overview of Hydroponics, use 3D printer, drills, saws and other tools to layout and manufacture your tower. Kit cost includes aquarium pump and all materials. Plan to spend all day with lunch break in this workshop. Kit cost: $15

Prototyping The Next Little Thing: Design and Injection Mold a Personal Medallion
From idea to plastic injected parts in 4 hours introduces you to designing in Sketchup 3D modeling, G-Code (machine language) generation and editing. Then using the CNC vertical mill, machine a mold of the medallion to use in the Injection Molding machine.

The WoodMaker’s Tool Box: Lathe Turning Bowls
Make a small decorative wooden bowl from woods already glued together as a square. Bandsaw cut the furnished square into a round shape, attach it to a lathe chuck, and carve away a desired shape with wood turning chisels.

Tools of The Blacksmith
Learn shop safety, types of tools and their applications, fundamentals of heating, tips and techniques on forging, bending and twisting metal hot metal. Participants will have hands-on time at the forge and anvils. No open-toed shoes; long sleeves and blue jeans or wool clothing preferred.

Small Forge Completion
Observe Blacksmith Brett Wilds and student complete the final session of constructing a small propane forge from a Making It In Winter Workshop in the TekVenture HotShop.


Week of May 1 – 7

Sunday May 1
1 – 4 PM
Seasonal Motorcycle Maintenance: Keeping Your Bike Safe and Reliable $40
Bring your motorcycle to TekVenture and learn how to perform basic seasonal maintenance to keep your bike safe and reliable for all seasons . Professional motorcycle mechanic for 25 years, Chris Law, will cover fluid change-outs, when brake components need rebuilding, servicing cooling systems, proper tire pressure and when a tire is no longer safely usable, chain adjustment and lubrication, belt tension and maintenance, air filter maintenance and when it is time to take your motorcycle to a qualified shop to have things like steering head bearings and suspension bearing serviced and valves adjusted.
Chris is Yamaha, Can-CM and Suzuki certified.


Sat. May 7

KITES: Round And Not Round

Board with your ordinary plastic drug-store diamond kite? Let Steve Kumfer show you how to make a cylinder kite from ripstop nylon and other simple materials. Sewing machines are provided and instruction in their use if necessary. Then, weather permitting; we’ll fly our kits in McCullough Park across from TekVenture. Kit cost: $10

If I Had A Hammer, $60
it would be one I made while learning how to set up and run a metal lathe. Learn about centering, measuring, tool sharpening, cutting, boring, tapering, threading and knurling among other techniques in making a simple metal hammer. All day workshop with lunch break.

ARCH TEK Restoration Woodworx: Doors
Doors: Doors that work well are seldom noticed, but those that don’t are a constant annoyance. This class will cover how to hang and adjust a typical wooden door. Common door problems and repair to the door itself will be covered. Door hardware will be discussed
NOTE: This is not a free workshop; $10 Arch Members, $16 TekVenture Members, $20 for non-members. One more ARCH*TEK Workshop: May 14.
Register for these ARCH*TEK workshops directly thru archfw.org/events.
Welding for Women: MIG and ARC
You’ve always wanted to learn how to weld. Lose your fear of the Arc! Learn the tools, setup, safety and management of electric welding of metals from a professional female welder! For women who want to experience welding, professional welder, Jasmin Hartman, covers welding basics including: safety, welding apparel, welder operation and maintenance, materials, fluxes, and practice. Wear old jeans, long sleeved cotton or wool shirts, closed toed shoes. Safety gear is provided. All participants will weld. No guys allowed!

The “Art of Welding” for Art’s Sake and Practice for Everyone
Do you already have a little exposure to welding and want more? Welder/Artist, Jasmin Hartman helps you weld up you own piece of yard art while practicing the art of welding.
Wear old jeans, long sleeved cotton or wool shirts, closed toed shoes. Safety gear is provided. Artists may bring their own small steel scrap or materials to weld.


Week of May 8 -14

Monday May 9 evening 6 – 9 PM:
Motorcycle Maintenance for Women
Similar to Seasonal Motorcycle Maintenance workshop offered on Sunday May 1st above, but this workshop is exclusively for women motorcycle owners and riders. Bring your motorcycle to TekVenture and learn how to perform basic seasonal maintenance to keep your bike safe and reliable for all seasons . Professional motorcycle mechanic for 25 years, Chris Law, will cover many topics of interest to women riders.


Sat. May 14
It’s time to sharpen your hoes, spades, planters and dibbles. Don’t know what a dibble is? Find out at this workshop. Bring in your tools and Chris Knipstein and the folks from Food Not Lawns will help you fix up your tools, ready for serious gardening.

Machining Your Own “Two Slider” Cost: $60
This workshop will teach you how to use and maintain a milling machine, cutting tools, indicators and other measuring devices while creating a small hand cranked machine that converts rotary motion into reciprocal motion. No previous machining experience is required.
All day workshop with lunch break. Kit cost: $10

ARCH*TEK Restoration Woodworx: Windows
Windows: The class will focus on repair to double-hung and fixed windows. Traditional wood sash can be repaired by replacing just the damaged elements. This may be simply removing and replacing glass, or might involve replacing damaged wooden elements. Cords for sash weights are replaceable. Weatherizing will also be discussed. NOTE: This is not a free workshop; $10 Arch Members, $16 TekVenture Members, $20 for non-members.
Register for these ARCH*TEK workshops directly thru archfw.org/events.

Electronic Archeology:
Deconstructing Computers and other electronic devices for Fun, Knowledge and Profit!
Novice makers are demystified about the fundamental components of the common desktop computer while simultaneously increasing their comfort in replacing internal components. Also learn methods of maximizing profits in recycling circuit boards and components. Bring your old computer(s), printers, VCR’s or other dead digital devices!


Week of May 15 – 21

Thursday May 19 evening 6 – 9 PM
Make a Custom Tool Holder or Apron.
For the male or female who has never learned how to use a sewing machine, now’s your chance to learn from sewing machine teacher, Betsy Gemmer and costumer, Tonia Brown. Bring old jeans or your favorite fabric. Fabric available for those who are threadbare.


Sat. May 21
TekVenture has a booth @ Farmers Market, Parkview Field 9 AM – 1 PM.
Sign up for Summer Workshops!

Draw Your Invention: Get started with SketchUp®
SketchUp® is one of the easiest CAD (Computer Aided Design) programs available free to aspiring designers. Engineer Peter Bolakowski helps you find your way around the program to draw your model or ideas. Workshop includes tour of the drawing, scaling and maneuvering tools, creating and saving files, accessing on-line files and generating G-code for 3D printing, routing and machining among other topics.

Building the Air Rocket Launcher
Gain basic assembly and machining skills while building a manually-operated pneumatic rocket launcher using PVC piping that will launch a paper rocket. A fun family project. Rocket builders will use the drill press, lathe and hand tools. Kit cost: $10

Light Up Your Life: Make An Art Lamp
Woodmeister Leon Kowalenko shows you how to use the wood lathe and/or bandsaw
to make a working lamp from wood (and other parts). Kit cost for electric parts or bring your own. Kit cost: $12

Botz & Voltz
Electricity: Plug Into This Invisible Force
Electricity flows: how is it monitored, how is it effected by loads, how is mechanical motion turned into electricity, how is electricity turned into mechanical motion? Explore circuit definition, effects of parallel loads, effects of parallel sources, effects of series loads and sources, Ohm’s Law, the Power Equation, the Energy Equation, the importance of wire size, dangerous voltages, flavors of electricity: DC, AC, 120V 220V 3 Phase. Take away a digital multi-meter, battery stick and light bulbs. Kit: $6.

Gas Welding for Beginners
Portable gas welding and cutting requires no electricity. Learn Oxyacetylene welding and cutting equipment set-up, safety, job set-up cutting, brazing, fusion welding, filler rod welding, tips and techniques including vertical up and down welding. Wear old jeans, long sleeved cotton or wool shirts, closed toed shoes. Safety gear is provided.
No previous experience required. Ages 16 thru Adult


Sat. May 21
Flameworking at GlassPark This is an Off-Site Workshop.
Noted glass artist, Eran Park introduces you to the gas flame working of glass in his studio GlassPark at 4037 South Wayne Avenue just South of the Friendly Fox Café. Workshop includes tour of the shop, safety, tools and demonstration of technique. Particpants may make a small glass marble, pendant, leaf or other trinket.


Week of May 22 -28

Sat. May 28

Clamp It! $60
A refresher workshop for folks who already have some basic machining experience,
this workshop will review the basic machining skills required to use the mill and lathe to produce a simple machinist’s clamp or mill stop tool. This is an all-day workshop with break for lunch. Kit cost: $5

Introduction to Forging
Overview of small forge blacksmithing by blacksmith Clint Casey, a member of the Indiana Blacksmith’s Association. Topics include safety, tools, materials, basic techniques with the hammer and anvil and more. Participants in this workshop will view one of the forge types which will be built in a Summer workshop on Building a Propane Forge. Participants must wear older jeans, sturdy shoes, long-sleeved cotton or wool shirts, no synthetic clothes. Safety gear will be provided.


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