FWPD: Beware of an individual impersonating a County employee

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News release from the Fort Wayne Police Department:

Residents Beware of an Individual Impersonating a County Employee

(April 14, 2016) – On Wednesday, April 13th in the 2600 block of Ethel Ave. a young male black knocked on the front door of a home and told the female resident that he was with the Allen County Assessor’s Office. The individual was described as in his early twenties, African American, wearing jeans and black shirt, with a short “buzz” haircut. The individual requested to see the homeowners deed to her house. The homeowner asked to see some identification, the male became agitated and pulled out a “BLUE ID” badge with white letters which read, “Assessors Office” (no photo). Allen County Assessor employees are issued identification cards that are white with black lettering, a county seal with the employee’s photograph.

County Assessors were in that area Wednesday but they do not have anyone on their staff that matches the description given by the homeowner. Should anyone be approached by this individual or individuals without proper identification contact police immediately.


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