Zoo’s beloved African lion has nodules consistent with cancer


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News release from the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo:

Zoo’s Beloved African Lion Has Nodules Consistent with Cancer

(March 31, 2016) – The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is saddened to announce that a recent medical exam of Bill, the African lion, revealed nodules consistent with cancer. The zoo’s veterinary team performed the exam on Wednesday, March 30. Animal care staff continues to provide exceptional care for Bill, keeping him as comfortable as possible.

Concerns for Bill’s health began with a bloody nose in the fall of 2015. Shortly after, zoo keepers recorded inconsistencies in Bill’s appetite. Animal care staff monitored his eating patterns, weight, and overall health daily.

The zoo’s veterinary team immobilized Bill for a medical exam in February of 2016, hoping to discover the cause of their concern.

Following treatment, Bill’s condition temporarily improved, then regressed. The continued inconsistencies in Bill’s behavior lead to a second medical exam on March 30 for further diagnostic tests, resulting in the discovery of the nodules.

Bill is just under ten years old. He arrived at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo in December of 2008, along with Ina, the zoo’s female African lioness.

“Bill’s friendly, laid back personality has always made him a hit with the staff,” says Dr. Joe Smith, director of animal programs. “He is a favorite with our visitors, posing regularly in front of the smaller exhibit window for that perfect photo. The people in our community know him by name.”

Although Bill will not be on exhibit once the zoo opens April 23, he will have access to his behind-the-scenes exercise yard where he can be comfortable and rest in privacy.

African lions live in the dry plains of the Sahara desert, primarily in groups called prides. Although the African lion is not currently categorized as endangered, the species is vulnerable, with continued threat to their habitat. The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo participates in the Association of Zoos & Aquariums Species Survival Plan (SSP) for the African lion and numerous other species. Collaboration through SSP ensures the survival of endangered wildlife species.

The zoo continues its commitment to lion conservation through active support of the Lion Guardians program. For more information on the Lion Guardians, visit the conservation pages at kidszoo.org.


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