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News release from the Parkview Foundation:

Parkview Behavioral Health Named Recipient of Lutheran Foundation Faith-Based Outpatient Therapy Grant

(February 9, 2016) – Parkview Behavioral Health has been selected to receive a grant of over $125,000 from The Lutheran Foundation®. The funds, distributed through Parkview Foundation, will be used to support personnel costs of new, faith-based outpatient therapy options available to help serve mental health needs.

There are very few intensive outpatient therapy options available in Allen County and surrounding counties, let alone any from a Christian perspective. Options are even more limited for patients who must rely on Medicare and Medicaid, or who are uninsured and very few therapists can afford to treat these patients due to reduced funding/reimbursement for mental health care. The grant funds provided by The Lutheran Foundation will specifically support personnel costs for two programs, one in Noble County and one in Allen County.

The Faith-Based Intensive Outpatient Therapy project will provide an accessible option for evidence-based outpatient therapy offered from a Christian perspective to also address emotional and spiritual well-being. This project will also allow uninsured and under-insured individuals requiring mental health services to have an option for thorough outpatient therapy that incorporates Christian values with proven therapeutic techniques, regardless of their ability to pay.

“The Lutheran Foundation’s vision is to promote spiritual, mental, and physical well-being for all people,” said Marcia Haaff, Chief Executive Officer, The Lutheran Foundation. “This grant helps provide that mental and spiritual component while addressing an unmet need for individuals in crisis. It is a perfect fit for our vision.”

Parkview has identified mental health as one of its top three health priorities based on findings from the 2013 Parkview Community Needs Assessment. In order to improve mental health management and reduce stigmatization, Parkview Behavioral Health’s goal is to provide a broad range of services for mental health needs to ensure better outcomes. This includes prevention and education, early intervention, and integration of mental health services into primary care physician offices. The Faith-Based Intensive Outpatient Therapy project supports this strategic goal by providing an accessible option for intensive outpatient therapy that also takes spiritual well-being into account.

The Lutheran Foundation is a Christ-centered ministry in northeastern Indiana dedicated to demonstrating the compassion of Christ by promoting, improving, and enhancing the quality of life of the individuals, families, congregations, and communities whom it serves.



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