Aunt Millie’s launches campaign about bread and nutrition

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News release from Aunt Millie’s:

Aunt Millie’s launches new industry-leading campaign about bread and nutrition

(February 1, 2016) – Today, Aunt Millie’s is launching Breadsense, a new industry-focused digital media campaign. Through the campaign website and social media channels, Breadsense will provide consumers with research-based information about the nutritional benefits of consuming bread and whole grains.



“There is a lot of misinformation out there,” J. Bohn Popp, Vice President of Marketing for Aunt Millie’s. “Breadsense is a place for consumers, nutritionists, and other bread brands to find research-based resources and sensible information about bread.”

Created with Common People United of Fort Wayne, Breadsense was first established as a blog in 2015. Due to its positive reception, Aunt Millie’s has decided to expand the campaign with the hope that consumers, and possibly even other brands, will join in their mission to spread awareness about the importance of eating grains. Through partnerships with nutritionists like Lela Iliopoulos, MS, RDN, CDE of Chicago, Breadsense offers real-world applications of scientific research.

“I think consumers, dietitians, and others in the industry will find Breadsense useful because we take popular myths about bread, gluten, and then we look at what the scientific research has to say and apply it to real life,” notes Iliopoulos. “So many of my clients are confused about what counts as good nutrition and whether you’re a mom, a nutritionist, or just a fellow bread-lover, Breadsense provides answers.”

The Breadsense website and campaign launches today and will be promoted online throughout the year. New articles and recipes will be posted weekly, and visitors can sign up to receive email updates. To view Breadsense and learn more about bread, gluten, carbs and whole grains, visit

Aunt Millie’s Bakeries is a family-owned company headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana since 1901. The company produces Aunt Millie’s bread and bakery products and other brands, which are distributed throughout the Midwest.


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