Department launches hero themed immunization media campaign


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News release from the Fort Wayne-Allen County Department of Health:

Department launches hero themed immunization media campaign
Health officials hope to bring more awareness and action to protect respiratory health

(December 7, 2015). – This week the Department of Health is rolling out its immunization media campaign to Allen County residents. The focus this year is on preventing respiratory illnesses like influenza, pertussis/whooping cough, and pneumonia that together killed an estimated 56,992 people in the U.S. in 2013. All of those illnesses can be prevented by getting immunized.

The overall campaign focuses on the design themes of “Heroes Need a Plan”, “Heroes Plan”, and “The Power of Immunity”. Everyone can be a hero by planning ahead and ensuring they and their families have all the required immunizations and boosters – as well as other recommended vaccinations that prevent illness.

Some of our materials feature pictures of ordinary people and prominent Allen County figures as “heroes” having been vaccinated. You can find those pictures by simply going to our micro site HEROESPLAN.ORG.

[…] Boyden & Youngblutt worked alongside the Department and developed our immunization media campaign materials this year. The goal is to continue to build on the campaign every year focusing on various immunizations.

For those who still need to get their influenza immunization, the Department of Health has you covered. We have all quadrivalent vaccines available including injectable and mist! Call our Medical Annex at (260) 449-7514 and schedule your appointment today. The Department’s Medical Annex is located at 4813 New Haven Avenue, Fort Wayne, IN. Want to find a pharmacy closer to home to get your flu shot? Take advantage of our free immunization scheduler at HEROESPLAN.ORG. It’s simple! Once you launch the site, gps technology will pinpoint pharmacies near you. It also shows you their hours of operation. Scheduling immunizations have never been easier!



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