AFW Exclusive: Michelle D. Chambers sworn in as City Clerk



Allen Superior Court Judge Stanley A. Levine swore in Fort Wayne’s latest City Clerk today – Democrat Michelle D. Chambers in her office at 4:00 p.m.

The process to be sworn in as the new City Clerk began yesterday with the caucus at the Allen County Democratic Party Headquarters. After not quite 16 minutes, Chambers was declared the winner of the caucus by ACDP Chairman John Court.

This morning, Chambers picked up the certification papers from the Allen County Voter Registration office which declared her to be the winner of the caucus. She then went around the corner to the Allen County Election Board office and picked up more paperwork, some to be filled out and returned within the month.

After that, it was only a matter of calling for a judge – Judge Stanley A. Levine in this case – and waiting for the appointed time. It was a small, private affair with Judge Levine, myself, an office worker and another lady and child – and of course Michelle Chambers. The swearing was over in about 50 seconds, then came more signatures on paperwork, an official seal, and it was official!






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