Don’t let Daylight Savings Time get the best of you


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Don’t Let Daylight Savings Time Get the Best of You
Local fitness expert offers tips on how to re-acclimate

(October 29, 2015) — We fell back early this morning — gaining an hour of sleep — during the wee hours of Sunday, Nov. 1. While that may sound like the perfect way to recover from weekend fun, this adjustment can be hard on the body.

Try these tips from Jason Minich, owner of Catalyst Fitness, to transition back to standard time with ease.

  1. Don’t stay up late: Following the time change, your circadian rhythms will cause you to want to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier than your external environment. Instead of staying up an hour later, capitalize on this newfound time and do a light workout or some type of physical activity that gets you moving and sweating a bit right away in the morning. This will get you up and going, spike your energy levels for the day and will help you sleep better in the evening. If you exercise too late in the day, it can disrupt your sleep while your body is trying to make adjustments.
  2. Turn to melatonin: We’re entering the dark days of winter. Melatonin can help regulate sleep-wake cycle in the absence of light. It also has been shown to have positive effects on jet lag, seasonal affective disorder and depression. Try a low-dose (no more than 0.5 mg) a few hours before sunset for more restful sleep.
  3. Be kind to yourself: It might be easier on your body if you go to sleep and wake up 10-15 minutes later each day the week before the time change. A nap might help control drowsiness, too.


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Catalyst Fitness was founded in 2006 by local fitness professional Jason Minich and has grown to be the company that many Fort Wayne area residents have come to rely upon to help them change their lives for the better. Jason was voted by a panel of industry peers in 2009 as a Top 10 Trainer of the Year in North America. Catalyst Fitness now has two Fort Wayne area fitness centers, boasts the largest team of fitness professionals in Fort Wayne, and serves companies all over northern Indiana with its workplace wellness programming.



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