Mayor Henry to hold Text Message Town Hall with Fort Wayne voters


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News release from the Henry for Mayor campaign:

Mayor Henry to hold Text Message Town Hall with Fort Wayne voters
Campaign launches additional creative GOTV tactics

(October 30, 2015) — In the crucial final days of the election season, the Henry for Mayor campaign is implementing several innovative tactics to engage voters and drive turnout on November 3. While tried-and-true campaign tactics remain, Mayor Henry is committed to finding new ways to reach, inform, and activate all of Fort Wayne’s citizens.

On Monday, November 2nd, at 2:00 P.M., Mayor Henry will hold an open town hall with Fort Wayne voters via text message. The campaign will publicize the text message number to voters via social and other media. Questions will not be moderated, and there will be no suggested topic areas. Mayor Henry will answer questions via text message directly for at least one hour.

“As voters make their decisions and head to the polls, it’s crucial to address the questions and issues on their minds. We know a lot of people are still undecided.” said Mayor Henry. “Campaigns are a two-way conversation. I’m looking forward to productive conversations with voters on Monday.”

Additionally, the campaign will maintain a text-message hotline for the remainder of the campaign. All messages and questions will be answered Mayor Henry or a member of the campaign staff. The number used for the town hall, and the duration of the campaign, is (260) 222-8214.


This week, the Henry for Mayor campaign launched an innovative final push to spur early vote and Election Day turnout. Utilizing tools on the website and a state-of-the-art text message system, the campaign is asking voters to commit to vote early or vote at the polls.

And there’s one important twist: Anyone who commits to vote is removed from the campaign’s get out the vote call lists. Nothing is more crucial than conversations with voters—and our campaign is taking groundbreaking steps to ensure those conversations happen on voters’ terms, and at their convenience. We’re making tens of thousands of calls to help voters get to the polls next Tuesday—we want to ensure those calls go only to voters who want or need to receive them.

The main webpage can be found here:


New technology and fresh ideas made their way to campaign signs and print ads, as well. Newly-placed 4×8 signs, print advertisements, and window decals contain not only the campaign logo—but also a QR code and text message service offering voters the opportunity to look up their polling location.

An example of the design is here:

“Especially in the final days of an election, campaigns should be about talking with voters, not at them,” said Henry’s campaign manager Rob Dible. “In addition to traditional campaign tactics, we’re using campaign signs, text messaging, social media, website tools, and other tactics to interact with voters and get them the information they need—and get it to them at their convenience, not ours.”


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