Cinema Center announces Hobnobben Film Festival for June 2016


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News release from the Cinema Center:

Cinema Center Announces Hobnobben Film Festival for June 2016
Region is invited to See & Be Seen at first multi-day, multi-venue film festival next summer

(October 30, 2015) – At Tuesday’s Members Celebration, Cinema Center announced plans to hold the first annual Hobnobben Film Festival, in partnership with Arts United of Greater Fort Wayne and University of Saint Francis. The festival will be held June 16th-June 19th, 2016 with the downtown Arts United campus serving as the main festival hub. Venues include Cinema Center, Arts United Center, Arts United’s Parkview Physicians Group ArtsLab Theater, and University of Saint Francis Performing Arts Center. This will be the first multi-day, multivenue film festival to be held in northeast Indiana, and is being held in honor of Cinema Center’s 40th anniversary.


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In addition to showcasing short and feature length films from all over the world, Cinema Center has created a segment of Hobnobben called Philo Fest, in honor of television pioneer and past Ft. Wayne resident Philo Farnsworth, that will include independently produced television pilots. With excitement and attention only growing for high quality television programming, and with many television shows utilizing cinematic principles, the organization stated it only made sense to include screenings of television programs for today’s discerning audience. Traditional film programming will be held throughout the festival, as well, with University of Saint Francis screening student works and family-friendly movies.

While the screenings are central to Cinema Center’s vision for Hobnobben, executive director Jonah Crismore said he wants the festival to create access to members of the filmmaking community that Ft. Wayne, and the rest of northeast Indiana, has never experienced before.

“While the name Hobnobben can really mean absolutely anything you want it to, we are playing are the word ‘hobnobbing,’ and want the community to embrace the ability to interact with filmmakers from the region, the nation and hopefully, the rest of the world. We have incorporated that into our See & Be Seen tagline, as well as our mission: Where film lovers rub elbows with filmmakers,” Crismore said.

That access will be created at advance screenings, question and answer sessions with directors, panel discussions and informal after party-type of events.

For more information regarding submitting a film, volunteering or sponsorship opportunities, visit


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