City Clerk candidate Angie Davis puts focus on integrity, innovation, cost-savings


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News release from the Angie Davis for City Clerk campaign:

City Clerk Candidate Davis Puts Focus on Integrity, Innovation, Cost-savings

(October 20, 2015) – Building on the success of SmartGov and ongoing transparency and effectiveness initiatives within the City Clerk’s Office, Fort Wayne City Clerk candidate Angie Davis today proposed plans to significantly restructure the City Clerk’s Office and Parking Enforcement Division upon election. The plan will streamline operations, reduce costs and introduce new ethics guidelines to include elected officials.

“New ethics guidelines and a reform and restructuring plan for the City Clerk’s Office will save taxpayers money, enhance service to the public, increase accessibility and put the focus squarely in integrity and innovation.”

City Clerk candidate Davis’s plan includes the following elements:

  • Initiate new Ethics Guidelines to cover all Clerks’ Office staff and elected officials. While existing City ethics policy cover all staff, it does not include elected officials. All public servants must adhere to the highest standards. Following widespread liberties in the office that have permitted all Council levels these guidelines will reset the ethical landscape.
  • Eliminate Assistant Parking Enforcement Supervisor position. Application of new technology including use of laptops means greater self-sufficiency for staff. Calls can now be received in real time and reports filed independently by officers saving time and resources, with no need for backup office staff.
  • Restructure a current position in the Violations Bureau, moving it to the Clerk’s Office. The adjustment will direct more responsibilities into the Clerk’s Office, allowing for greater flexibility and cross training with other positions.

The proposed changes outline in the plan will eliminate one fulltime position and save nearly $70,000.

SmartGov is the City’s comprehensive digital information hub and launched in concert with the Mayor’s Office and managed by the City Clerk’s Office. It provides immediate and searchable access to a storehouse of public information, meeting minutes and funding data.


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