Resignation statement of Fort Wayne City Clerk Kennedy



Resignation statement of Fort Wayne City Clerk Kennedy, as read to the Fort Wayne City Council on October 13, 2015, by her attorney Mark GiaQuinta:

Statement of Sandra E. Kennedy
October 13, 2015

The last thirty two years of my professional life have been exciting, rewarding and personally fulfilling. I have been honored to have served with many great community leaders and I have been honored to serve a great community. I served with integrity, efficiency and with a love for Fort Wayne and its citizens.

The past several years have been increasingly difficult for me. I was diagnosed with several physical conditions which have made it increasingly more difficult to work a full day or even part of a day without pain and, more recently, without behavior I did not always understand.

My condition has worsened within the past year. There is no shame in acknowledging that. My neurologist has advised me that I am beginning a new phase of my life’s journey which should not include an attempt to serve out my term as your City Clerk. For that reason, I am resigning my office effective immediately.

I hope that I will be remembered as a loyal and conscientious public servant. I will miss the many friends I have met and the citizens I have served. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.

Signed, Sandra E. Kennedy


I have confirmed that Mrs. Kennedy was hospitalized Monday.


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