Take an amazing adventure through the science of maize at Science Central


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Take an amazing adventure through the science of maize at Science Central

(October 12, 2015) – Running now through January 3, 2016, Science Central will be home to a special touring exhibition entitled, “Amazing Maize.” This temporary exhibition explores the science and history behind the ancient grain we call corn.

This exhibition is unique in that it is actually two separate exhibits, which the science center has brought together to run simultaneously, both of which explore different aspects of corn.

As you enter the exhibition space, you will be greeted by “Maize: Mysteries of an Ancient Grain” which was developed by the Museum of the Earth at the Paleontological Research Institution and funded in-part by the National Science Foundation. This exhibit focuses primarily on the history and development of corn as an organism throughout history. You will learn the role that genetic modification plays in the production of corn, who the scientists are that helped make it what it is today, and how present day scientists continually work to improve this staple of society.

As you move through the exhibition you will have the opportunity to learn a little more about corn – popcorn specifically – by entering “The A-Maize-ing Popcorn ADVENTURE.” Through this popcorn-themed maze, you will learn about the history, production and nutrition of popcorn by encountering informational panels and interactive manipulates. “The A-Maize-ing Popcorn ADVENTURE” was developed by Purdue University Agriculture Exhibit Design Center.

“We’re excited to bring these 2 closely-themed exhibitions to Science Central. While one is fairly technical and geared towards older students and adults, the other is fun and perfect for our younger visitors.” said Martin S. Fisher, Executive Director at Science Central.


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