Henry for Mayor campaign releases third TV ad, “For all of us”


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News release from the Henry for Mayor campaign:

Henry for Mayor campaign releases third TV ad, “For all of us”
Ad highlights Mayor Henry’s investments in public safety

(October 5, 2015) – This week, the Henry for Mayor campaign released its third TV ad of 2015, “For All Of Us.” The spot highlights some of Mayor Henry’s crucial investments in public safety: An 18% increase in public safety investment, the combination of city/county 911 operations, and the creation of the Gang & Violent Crimes Unit—all of which contributed to making Fort Wayne safe, with property crime down 17%, car thefts down 43%, and homicides down 50%.




The ad is running on Fort Wayne broadcast stations along with an investment in digital advertising on various new media outlets. Both previous advertisements continue to run, with “Like Mine” appearing on broadcast stations and “All Fixed” running on cable networks.

Transcript and source citations follow:




While other cities are struggling Ft.
Wayne’s fight against crime is working.


We’ve increased public safety funding


2007 Baseline







Combined 911 operations for better

“New director sees smooth 911 merger,”
Benjamin Lanka, Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, 1/19/2011

And created a new Gangs and Violent
Crime Unit.

“Police chief warns gangs force’s focus
is on them Says new unit to target known members, crime” Dan Stockman, Fort
Wayne Journal Gazette, 2/15/2014

Property crime is down 17%.

FBI UCR Crime Statistics

Car thefts are down 43%.

And murders are down 50%.

As mayor, I’ll keep Ft. Wayne working
– and safe… For all of us.




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