Brown statement on Defunding Planned Parenthood


Liz Brown for US Congress


News release from Liz Brown for Congress:

Brown Statement on Defunding Planned Parenthood
“Planned Parenthood Doesn’t Deserve a Dime of Our Hard-earned Money”

WASHINGTON. (September 18, 2015) – State Senator and congressional candidate for Indiana’s Third Congressional District, Liz Brown, released the following statement on Congress’s effort to defund Planned Parenthood:

“Today, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to defund Planned Parenthood of taxpayer funds for one year while it investigates the Planned Parenthood baby parts harvesting scandal. If I were in Congress today, I would have proudly supported this standalone measure to defund America’s largest abortion business. However, given veto threats from the White House, I believe Congress must act with additional courage to defund Planned Parenthood.

“Congress has an opportunity to strip Planned Parenthood of millions of taxpayer funds in a must-pass spending bill before the end of the month. I urge Congress to send President Obama a bill that defunds Planned Parenthood and redirects the funds to abortion-free health organizations for women.

“It is time for Congress to stand on principle. If we cannot stand for the weakest among us, even as we watch these horrific videos that detail how Planned Parenthood crushes a baby’s body to harvest an organ, then what can we stand for? Every day Planned Parenthood stops the beating hearts of nearly 900 unborn boys and girls. Congress must stop giving Planned Parenthood its blessing by funding the abortion business to the tune of a half a billion dollars. Planned Parenthood doesn’t deserve a dime of our hard-earned money.”


About Liz Brown
Liz Brown, a Republican, seeks to represent Indiana’s Third Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. Brown currently serves Indiana Senate District 15 in the state legislature and is a former member of the Fort Wayne City Council. She has a long history of community involvement including roles with Boys and Girls Clubs, Cub Scouts, Parkview Hospital Ethics Committee, Notre Dame Club of Fort Wayne and various school boards. As a registered Civil and Domestic Mediator with her own mediation business, Liz maintains a number of associations in the legal field. Liz and her husband of 33 years, Steve, have seven children.


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