Garrett Cooper pursues new role in Ambassador Enterprises


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News release from Ambassador Enterprises:

Garrett Cooper pursues new role in Ambassador Enterprises

(August 19, 2015) – Ambassador Enterprises announced recently that Garrett (Gary) Cooper, a long-time member of the AE leadership team, is transitioning from his role as Chief Strategist to lead the efforts of the newly formed Pinnacle Consulting Group (PCG). Gary will remain with Ambassador Enterprises until the end of the year, beginning his new responsibilities on Monday, August 17.

Cooper, along with several social-impact investing leaders in the United States and India, established PCG to focus on solving systemic community issues by deploying resources for community and countrywide impact.

In his new role, Cooper will be a:

  • Founding member of and consultant for PCG
  • Director of the Sagamore Renewal Fund, a new Indianapolis-based community investment fund
  • Director of Project Fuel, a social entrepreneur incubator based in Nashville, TN
  • Strategic Consultant for As Our Own, a child rescue and aftercare organization in India

Daryle Doden, CEO of Ambassador Enterprises, stated, “Gary is a high-level, creative thinker who has contributed much to what Ambassador Enterprises is today. His strategic and relational skills are perfectly suited for this new role. While he will be missed, we are very excited for him and the opportunities for global impact that this new position will provide. AE will be looking for ways to collaboratively work together with him in this new endeavor.”


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