FWPD: Drug sales and raid in Freimann Square


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News release from the Fort Wayne Police Department:

Drug sales and raid in Freimann Square

(August 27, 2015) – At approximately 3:20 PM, officers of the Fort Wayne Police Department Vice & Narcotics Bureau, FWPD Gang Unit, Deputy Chief Paul Shrawder and Chief Garry Hamilton swarmed Freimann Square.

Several weeks prior the Police Department received numerous complaints from citizens who use the park as a place to take their children downtown and office workers who like to eat their lunch outside on nice days. These complaints alleged open air drug dealing in the daytime hours. The Vice and Narcotics Bureau began around the clock surveillance of the park resulting in 3 charges of drug dealing on various individuals. While taking them into custody on August 27th, 2 others were arrested on charges of warrants, false informing and possession of paraphernalia.

The Fort Wayne Police Department considers this an open investigation and expects further arrests in the near future and wishes to send the message that we have a zero tolerance policy for drug dealing or drug use in our park system.


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