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Healthcare coverage for students

(August 20, 2015) – For Covering Kids and Families Indiana (CKF-IN), when it comes to healthcare coverage for students, 100% is the goal. “It is a big goal – we know that, but we also know making sure every Hoosier child has healthcare coverage is too important to have a goal anything less than 100%” stated Susan Jo Thomas, Executive Director of Covering Kids and Families of Indiana.

CKF-IN, the Indiana School Health Network, and many schools across the state are pursuing that goal together because they know that insured children are likely to be healthier and in school ready to learn. Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz believes “Healthcare coverage is essential to ensuring that all Hoosier students are prepared to learn and excel in our classrooms. As we start a new school year, the Indiana Department of Education supports efforts to make sure 100% of children are covered.”

Covering Kids and Families Coalitions and their partners are providing an important resource on the road to good health by helping students and their families enroll in healthcare coverage. According to the recently released 2015 Indiana Because Kids Count Data Book, 8% of Hoosier children, approximately 130,000, have no healthcare coverage at all. Children living below 200% of the federal poverty level are the least likely to have health insurance, even though they should be eligible for free or low cost healthcare coverage through Hoosier Healthwise.

Amanda Chappell, Program Manager for Covering Kids and Families of Northeast Indiana (CKF-NEIN) at Brightpoint sees daily the impact of helping parents enroll their child in free or low cost healthcare coverage. “The biggest thing we hear from the parents we help is that they are less worried—they have peace of mind. They can get sports physicals, well-child visits and immunizations done. If their child needs glasses, they can afford them. If their child gets hurt, they are covered.”

Dr. Jerome Adams, Health Commissioner also recognizes that Back to School is a great time to think about insurance. “The Indiana State Department of Health has been happy to work with our partners on these Back-to-School campaigns for several years and we will continue to do so to help create healthy environments in schools and communities.”

Licensed Indiana Navigators at CKF-NEIN provide free help at Brightpoint. Chappell reports, “Parents really appreciate getting help from a licensed navigator so they don’t have to figure it all out on their own. They know they can ask questions and get support.” CKF-NEIN and its partners are helping educators and parents get ready for a new school year by assisting families in signing up for affordable healthcare all year long at local offices. They want to make sure students get covered and stay covered.

More information on events and local contact information can be found at For more information on how your school can refer parents to local resources contact Amanda Chappell, Program Manager for CKF-NEIN at or 1-800-589-3506, ext. 333.

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About Covering Kids and Families of Northeast Indiana at Brightpoint
Brightpoint is a member of Covering Kids & Families of Indiana, Inc. (CKF-IN), a statewide organization committed to ensuring that all eligible children and adults are enrolled in available health-care coverage programs. Brightpoint’s Covering Kids and Families of Northeast Indiana (CKF-NEIN) program has licensed Indiana Navigators that provide FREE help to Hoosier families to enroll in and understand state and federal health insurance programs such as Medicaid, Hoosier Healthwise, Presumptive Eligibility for Pregnant Women, the Healthy Indiana Plan and the Health Insurance Marketplace. Brightpoint Navigators assist consumers at all points in the enrollment process and will work with consumers to maintain their coverage once approved.


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