Citilink points to accessible transportation services on 25th anniversary of ADA


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News release from Citilink:

Citilink Points to Accessible Transportation Services On 25th Anniversary of Americans with Disabilities Act
Calls on Congress to Invest in Long-Term Funding for Fort Wayne’s Public Transportation System

(July 23, 2015) – On the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) on July 26, Fort Wayne Citilink, in conjunction with the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), commemorates the critical role public transportation plays in providing independence and opportunity for people with disabilities. The public transportation industry has improved and expanded accessibility of public transit services and facilities for persons with disabilities.

Since 1994, improvements that have made our Fort Wayne community more accessible include:

  • 100% of all busses and transit facilities are accessible
  • Citilink Access provides over 50,000 door-to-door trips each year to riders when they are unable to utilize fixed route service
  • Citilink provides over 20,000 free trips each year on fixed route buses to Access eligible riders when they are able to use fixed route to their destination
  • Over 4,000 fixed route trips are provided annually to passengers using wheelchair mobility devices

“On this 25th anniversary of ADA, let us not forget that public transit is a lifeline for hundreds of our residents, and especially those individuals with disabilities,” said Betsy Kachmar, Citilink AGM. “Public transportation provides freedom, independence and access to jobs, our attractions or simply to visit family and friends. Future progress to expand and improve our system is dependent on action by Congress to fund a surface transportation bill. Funding uncertainty impacts the ability of Fort Wayne Citilink to provide vital mobility for people with disabilities.”

Congress must act by July 31, 2015, to continue transportation funding. Citilink commends Senator Donnelly for co-sponsoring an amendment to strengthen funding for the “good state of repair” of public transit vehicles. We call upon Congress to find a dedicated funding solution and to pass a long-term sustainable bill that increases funding for public transportation. Failure to provide long-term investment will have a negative impact on Indiana’s economy, jeopardize critical public transit projects, and limit options for people with disabilities


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