Large industries growing in northeast Indiana, wages lagging, report shows


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Large Industries Growing in Northeast Indiana, Wages Lagging, Report Shows

(July 14, 2015) – Each of northeast Indiana’s 10 largest industries have shown steady job gains in the last five years, according to the July Labor Market Report released by Northeast Indiana Works.

However, just two of the 10 industries – motor vehicle body and trailer manufacturing ($50,615 a year) and general freight trucking ($46,641) – offer average wages higher than the state and national averages. The national average for motor vehicle body and trailer manufacturing is $46,473 and the national average for general freight trucking is $45,779.

The industry information was gathered using data from Economic Modeling Specialists International and analyzed by the Community Research Institute at IPFW (CRI). The research institute looked at industries offering relatively good-paying jobs that are predominantly full-time.

“These findings are significant because generally lower-paying industries were eliminated from consideration,” said Kathleen Randolph, president and CEO of Northeast Indiana Works. “What the analysis shows is that we still have much work to do as a region in increasing employee pay.”

The largest industries in northeast Indiana meeting CRI criteria and their job growth rates since 2010 are: general medical hospitals and offices of physicians, 20,305 employees, 5.6 percent increase; motor vehicle parts manufacturing, 9,284, 19.6 percent; skilled nursing care facilities, 7,401, 12.9 percent; colleges, universities and professional schools, 7,191, 11.9 percent; general freight trucking, 5,278, 7.2 percent; building equipment contractors, 5,051, 16 percent; plastics products manufacturing, 4,789, 6.8 percent; motor vehicle manufacturing, 4,461, 37.3 percent; insurance carriers, 4,051, 15.1 percent; and motor vehicle body and trailer manufacturing, 3,981, 51.9 percent.

Of the top 20 largest-employing occupations within those industries, just three had average annual earnings above the state or national averages. The three: physicians and surgeons ($244,691 a year); heavy and tractor-
trailer truck drivers ($41,517); and team assemblers ($32,864). The national averages for physicians and surgeons is $187,200; heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers, $40,934; and team assemblers, $30,597.

Earnings include pay and benefits. Average annual wages were not available for occupations.

Among the occupations where average earnings were less than the state and national averages: registered nurses ($53,373 a year); first-line supervisors of production and operating workers ($52,000); and customer service representatives ($32,510). The national average for registered nurses is $68,910; first-line supervisors of production, $58,157; and customer service representatives, $33,363.


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