FWPD: Domestic Battery / Possible Barricaded Suspect Investigation


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News release from the Fort Wayne Police Department:

Domestic Battery / Possible Barricaded Suspect Investigation

Date: 7/12/2015

Time: 5:27 AM

Location: 2900 Cutter Cove

On Sunday, 07/12/2015, at approximately 5:27 AM, the City of Fort Wayne Police Department responded to the 2900 block of Cutter Cove reference a domestic battery investigation. Initial reports indicated the suspect was inside the residence with the victim and two children. In addition, dispatch received information there were possibly firearms inside the residence. Responding officers arrived on scene and attempted to make contact with the occupants inside. A male subject opened a garage service door and quickly retreated back inside the residence when he observed officers were on scene.

Dispatch made several unsuccessful attempts to make contact with the occupants inside the residence via telephone. After several more attempts, dispatch made telephone contact with a female. The female complied and exited the residence with two children. Officers repeatedly attempted to make contact with the male suspect inside the residence via a loud speaker without success. At approximately 6:55 AM, the Emergency Services Team (EST) and Crisis Response Team (CRT) were called to assist reference a barricaded domestic battery suspect that possibly had access to firearms.

CRT members made repeated attempts to communicate with the suspect without success. EST members attempted to verbally order the suspect out of the residence via a loud speaker. In an attempt to motivate the suspect to exit the residence peacefully, EST members deployed a flash bang and a chemical agent (tear gas) into the residence. When the suspect failed to respond, EST members made entry into the residence. At approximately 11:14 AM, EST members determined the interior of the residence was clear and the suspect was not inside. Officers did locate and seize several firearms.

Nearby neighbors were evacuated from their homes for their safety during this six hour investigation. This incident remains under investigation by the City of Fort Wayne Police and the Allen County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office Department. There are no additional details at this time.


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