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Information about Fort Wayne Fringe Festival performers


ODDyssey…a tale of odd jobs, odd skills and odd people is what this one lady show is about. Join Blair, an overworked, underperformed actor as she takes you through her 17 (or so) different jobs encountering nails, dead birds, pastries, sexist midterm papers, haunting encounters of a prejudiced kind, phallic shaped glass and reasonably priced sausages!

Profanity, Adult Material

Pirate Ninja Zombie: The Not So Secret Origin of Captain Ambivalent
An enthusiastic biographic one-man accordion rock opera! Time travel through romantic, cultural, and corporate ambivalence with original witty songs from the albums “Fear The Accordion” and “Pirate Ninja Zombie.” Also, my sister’s Barbies. And a mad scientist. And a dinosaur! International Songwriting Competition 2014 Semi-Finalist.

(Comedy/Novelty). Clean.

Ms.Alle Presents her One-Woman Show: “I AM…”
The experience “I AM…” is the journey of the power that has declared the past, present, and future.
“I AM… A Human
A Woman
An American
A Black American
A Hoosier
… Positive, Powerful, Spoken Word artist…I AM”
Ms. Alle will use her epic spoken word (poetry), acting, and humor as she interacts with the audience.

You do not want to miss this! See you soon!

Profanity, Adult Material

Chicago based, Salty Lark Dance presents Lighthouse, an evening of dance works choreographed by Artistic Director, Madeleine Reber (Chicago, IL) and Guest Artist Tricia Gelmini (Yellow Springs, OH). The works in this concert are tied together through shared themes of navigation and mapping, and weave connections between personal history, embodied memory, and sense of place. Employing distinct movement vocabularies and poignant imagery, Lighthouse evokes the vulnerability and fallibility of human experience.


Collisions and Souvenirs
Choreographer: Madeleine Reber
Performers: Julie Brannen, Kelsey Herbst, Kathryn Hetrick, Amanda Maraist, Megan Rhyme, Bonnie Christine Willis
Music: Philip Glass

Map Making
Choreographer: Madeleine Reber
Performers: Kelsey Herbst, Kathryn Hetrick, Amanda Maraist
Music: Philip Glass

This is the Place
Performer and Choreographer: Tricia Gelmini
Music: Hem

Choreographer: Madeleine Reber
Performers: Kelsey Herbst, Kathryn Hetrick, Amanda Maraist, Bonnie Christine Willis
Music: Arvo Pärt, Henryk Górecki

The Eulogy
Set at the funeral of “Thomas” — a man who, after a lifetime of gluttony, died from eating too many eggs — The Eulogy features a menagerie of characters whose inept and inapt speeches give anything but a proper homage. The only tears at this funeral will be from laughing.

Adult Material

what moves you
“what moves you” is a captivating, exploratory dance performance- created specifically for the Fort Wayne Fringe Festival. Five local dance artists have collaborated to discover what moves us: love, loss, mistakes, confrontation, emotion- using elements of space, energy, time, shape, and breath. Featuring dancers from dAnce.Kontemporary.

Fort Wayne Youtheatre: “I’m A Machine!”
Join us as we take a journey through our body machines!
??Everybody’s Doing the Circulation!
?The Real Reason the Tortoise Beat the Hare!
?Captain HeartBeat!
?Play Wheel of NUTRIENTS!
(You won’t believe you’re getting a science lesson!!)

One of the oldest children’s theatre in the nation, Youtheatre provides quality entertainment for all ages. Classes available for ages 3-18 in beginning, intermediate and advanced theatre, stagecraft, voice, dance, and radio theatre. Enjoy five productions each year by, and for, children!

Copper Grynn
Copper Grynn is an indie alternative rock band from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Along with performing some of our own written material, we will be performing covers of bands such as Foo Fighters, Fall Out Boy, Cold War Kids, the Kooks, and many more. Copper Grynn is: Hailey Steed, Dee Dee Morrow, Whitney Morrow, and Derek Felger. We look forward to meeting new faces (and old ones), so come on out and enjoy some good music!

Pyroscope Entertainment
Pyroscope Entertainment is a performing arts troupe specializing in fire and glow arts. Our troupe is based out of Fort Wayne, IN and is composed of 12 performers. All performers bring their own unique styles and skills to the collective, embracing the idea of unity through diversity. Pyroscope Entertainment performed at the 2013 and 2014 Fort Wayne Fringe Festival.

Dreadful Things
A stunning combination of incredible magic and breathtaking stunts. From climbing into a giant balloon to walking barefoot across broken glass you will find yourself on the edge of your seat as you experience these Dreadful Things.

Mikautadze Dance Theatre
Mikautadze Dance Theatre(MDT) presents a variety dance show with collaborative elements from other art genres infused with choreography by the MDT dancers! Also, “Red Tree”, choreographed by MDT’s artistic director, Elizabeth Mikautadze, becomes reconfigured in the unique Wunderkammer space! MDT believes a diverse artistic environment enriches the community and inspires visions beyond our everyday realities!

Award-winning veterans of Fringe festivals in Chicago, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Edinburgh, Scotland make their Fort Wayne debut with the story of an aspiring lounge singer who, after freezing at his big opening, earns his way back to the spotlight with side-splitting stories, spirited songs, and amazing audience chosen variety acts.

Adult Material

A Baptist Girl’s Guide to Sex, Love and Happiness
“When swimming with boys,” relates Storyteller Lou Ann Homan who grew up Baptist,” stay far away or their sperm will find you in the water and you will get pregnant!” Lou Ann’s stories from the 1960’s to the present time will bring you to laughter and to tears.

Adult Material

Cultivating Oneness Reinventing Expression

Our Mission: To be an interactive art installation that opens up conversation about what all human beings have in common; to challenge each other and help each other grow through meaningful collaborations; to strive to understand and express the core of humanity.

The city of Fort Wayne is teeming with local talent. This project seeks to act as a bridge among artists in our community to hopefully result in meaningful collaborations that resonate with people from all walks of life. We aim to achieve this through seminars, workshops and conversations about culture, history, biology, sociology, aesthetics, linguistics and many other fields of study with the goal of understanding what it means to live fully as a human, and applying the information to our performances and collaborations.

What is The Core?
-A 12-14 ft. structure with tunnels, crevices, nooks and crannies.
-Will ideally be a stage upon which inter-disciplinary performances will take place.
-Will be a challenge for meaningful collaborations.
-Will represent the collective core of our being as humans.

The Bloody Tambourine: An Original Play with Original Music
Five old friends meet for a dinner party one summer when tragedy strikes, unleashing old memories and secrets. “The Bloody Tambourine” is an original play: part-mystery, part-ghost story, and part-concert, featuring original ragtime music by Hope Arthur and Kurt Roembke.

One Day At The Carwash
What happens when Ol’ School meets New School at the Carwash? Lessons, Misconstrued notions, and Challenges.
Pops and Youngblood are both waiting while their cars are being detailed at the carwash. Pops strikes up a conversation with Youngblood and quickly steals an opportunity to “school” him on how to handle hisself in the streets…in the game. Mainly, to know when to be “Nigger” or a “Man”.
Don’t miss out out on this fast paced exciting evening of Education.

Profanity, Adult Material

Let’s Comedy! Presents: Comedy On The Fringe
Let’s Comedy! will be bringing something out of the box to this year’s Fringe Fest. Local comedians will be getting the crowd involved with a show designed specifically for FRINGE! This may or may not get messy..

Profanity, Adult Material


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