City of Fort Wayne – Reminder: City Ordinance prohibits possession of wildlife


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News release from Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control:

City of Fort Wayne – Reminder: City Ordinance prohibits possession of wildlife

(July 2, 2015) – In response to the morning coverage regarding wildlife, City Officials would like to remind residents that wildlife are regulated locally by city ordinance.

Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control also reminds all area residents that wildlife should not be kept as pets:

Wildlife is considered an immediate public safety hazard if it is inside your living space and city residents are advised to contact FWACC: 260-427-1244 option 1

Wildlife cannot be domesticated: Domestication is a process that takes centuries within an animal species. Dogs and cats have been bred as pets for thousands of years. You can’t simply love the wild out of an animal.

They may not need rescuing: If you really think a baby or wild animal is in trouble, call FWACC to ask for advice 427-1244, or check our website at for a list of local wildlife companies that are licensed. Do not bring it home.

Wild animals have special needs and are very difficult to care for: The Humane Society of the United States strongly opposes keeping wild animals as pets — whether caught in the wild or bred in captivity — because few people can provide the care they require. As a result, wild animals often suffer from malnutrition or live in inhumane conditions.

Wildlife carry disease: Did you know that many wild animals can be carriers for rabies while showing NO symptoms? There is a slew of potentially fatal diseases that wildlife carry that are dangerous for your entire family (as well as family domestic pets). The CDC (Center for Disease control) reports tens of thousands of people who become deathly ill each year with salmonella as well as other illnesses due to wildlife exposure.

Never put yourself at risk when it comes to wildlife in need of help. FWACC works with organizations to do what is in the best interest of wildlife; sick, injured or orphaned.

If you have a love of wildlife, continue to live side by side peacefully or volunteer for a local organization who can properly care for and manage their needs that would allow you exposure to these wonderful and wild creatures.

For wildlife nuisance information:



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