CORE creates vocational training pilot program for young adults with disabilities


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News release from CORE, The Resource Store:

CORE Creates Vocational Training Pilot Program for Young Adults with Disabilities

(June 21, 2015) – CORE, The Resource Store, announces the development of a vocational training pilot program for young adults with disabilities to learn skills and build a resume for employment after high school. CORE was awarded a grant from the AWS Foundation to fill a critical need for job training for special needs students. Within the structure of CORE’s retail business, students learn customer service, merchandising, data entry, pricing, inventory, janitorial, and product development using surplus items.

CORE currently employs several students from North Side High School’s Functional Skills classes who are not only gaining work experience but are also creating products to sell at CORE. Teacher Russ Hartman appreciates the vocational training for real life experiences that are difficult to replicate in the classroom. “CORE’s Vocational Training Program has been such a blessing for the Functional Skills Special Education Program at North Side. Our non-diploma students are gaining skills to live independently, as well as work skills preparing them to be active participants in the community. It is difficult for our students to get a foot in the door in this competitive employment market without appropriate work experience.”

As students transition through the training program, they will also learn how to write a resume, interview, and fill out employment applications. Parents of student trainees are very enthusiastic about the training program. As one parent says, “This is such a great first step that allows these kids to further their education and puts my son in a good place for employment opportunities.” CORE’s Vocational Training Program not only provides job skills training and employment, but it’s a fun place to work. As one trainee exclaimed, “I like working at CORE because of all of the books!”


About Core
CORE is a non-profit that takes surplus items from businesses and the community and puts them into the hands of educators. Our mission began as a way to reduce waste while supporting the educational needs of our community. CORE not only serves teachers, but also anyone affiliated with educating young people such as homeschool parents, Boy Scout and Girl Scout leaders, parents, and Sunday school teachers.

Store hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 10 – 6. Closed Sunday and Monday. CORE is located at the corner of Anthony and Saint Joe River Drive (next to ProFed). Phone: (260) 480-2673


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