City of Fort Wayne: Flooding Update, 4:45 pm, June 21, 2015


City of Fort Wayne seal


News release from the City of Fort Wayne:

Flooding Update – 4:45pm June 21, 2015

The St. Marys River continues to recede and is down more than 2′ from when it crested on Friday afternoon.

Stormwater maintenance crews from City Utilities will manage pumping operations through the night. Those at locations closest to waterways will run through tomorrow. More than 30 pumps remain in neighborhoods throughout the City.

Fairfield Avenue is now open.

Streets that remain closed at this hour include:

  • Tillman Road – From Lower Huntington to Calhoun Street
  • North River Road – From Maysville Road to Landin Road
  • Winchester Road – From Shamrock to Airport Expressway
  • Berry Street – From Theime Drive to College Street
  • Geneva – From Henrietta St to Elyetta St
  • Smith Road – Covington Road to Engle Rd
  • Freeman Street – Portage Blvd to Covington Rd
  • Taylor Street – Freeman Street to Brooklyn Avenue
  • Taylor Street @ Fillmore Street
  • Covington Road @ Fillmore Street


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