Storm Causes Brown Out at Water Plant


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News release from the City of Fort Wayne:

Storm Causes Brown Out at Water Plant
I&M Working on Power Substation

(April 9, 2015) – A power surge at an Indiana Michigan Power substation during today’s storm, caused a brown out at the Three Rivers Water Filtration plant. The loss of power shut off the pumps at the plant for about a minute. As power was restored the pumps came back on but the pressure change may have stirred up sediment in pipes in the distribution system as well as in the pipes we have in our homes and businesses. As a result some residents may notice a slight discoloration to their water. If residents notice a slight brown tint they should run the water for a few minutes to flush their line before using the water.

The power loss was related to an issue at I&M’s substation near Lawton Park. The plant is operating at full strength tonight and City Utilities is working closely with I&M to resolve the issue.



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