FWPD: Felony Arrest, 1009 Buchanan Street


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News release from the Fort Wayne Police Department:

Felony Arrest, 1009 Buchanan Street

DATE: April 4, 2015 at approximately 10:30 pm

NAME: William D. Beamon M/B/22

ADDRESS: 2891 St. Louis Ave., Fort Wayne

CHARGES: Arrest on warrant for failure to appear for sentencing for carrying a handgun without a license conviction (Level 5 felony)

LOCATION OF INCIDENT: 1009 Buchanan St., Fort Wayne (Chapel Oaks Apts.)

TYPE OF INCIDENT: Warrant Arrest




Officers of the Fort Wayne Police Department were called to 1009 Buchanan St. on the city’s southeast side on Saturday night. Recovery agents from Markey Bonding had tracked down fugitive William Beamon to this address. When they knocked, they heard his voice on the other side of the door, as well as what they described as the sound of a shotgun racking. The agents summoned the police for assistance. After surrounding the apartment and hailing the occupants via a loud speaker for several minutes, Beamon surrendered peaceably. Beamon was arrested on his warrant for failing to appear for sentencing following his February 2015 conviction for carrying a handgun without a license with a prior conviction of the same (Level 5 felony). Also arrested was Crystal Williams who had several warrants.



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