Water Odor Update


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News release from the City of Fort Wayne:

Water Odor Update

(March 15, 2015) – Last week, as a result of the rapid weather warm-up, we noticed an increase in snow melt and run off affecting the odor of water coming into and out of the Filtration Plant.

In the last several days, our staff and maintenance crews have modified treatment and have flushed several hydrants and water mains to reduce the amount of that water in our system. While many residents have noticed the decrease in odor over the past few days, there may be pockets of the city where some residents may still notice some odor. Crews will continue flushing sections of the 1400 miles of water pipe over the next two days to get the odor completely out of the system.

This issue occurs annually in the spring across the country, and in Fort Wayne, most years we don’t see any significant changes to taste and odor.

The water is safe to use despite the odor and is tested by our chemists at least six times.


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