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Science Central adds two new permanent exhibits

(March 4, 2015) – Over the past month Science Central has added two new fun and hands-on permanent exhibits to the popular, regional science center’s floor.

The first exhibit, called Mega Wire, tests the visitor’s depth perception by using binocular vision and challenging the visitors to move a metal ring around a twisting wire without touching it. Every time the ring and wire touch it makes a noise. The exhibit has the visitor test the experience with both eyes open and again with one eye closed.

The second exhibit, called Hyperbola (pictured above), tasks visitors with spinning a metal baton through a cut-out of a geometric shape. As the baton spins, it creates a 3-dimensional shape in space called a hyperboloid. This shape, which looks like two cones connected tip-to-tip is used in many different architectural settings, such as the cooling towers of some power plants.

“The excitement of a science center is that new exhibits are continuously being added,” said Martin S. Fisher, Executive Director of Science Central. “Even better is when the concept in the exhibition has real-world connections.”


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