BUILD program to create a pathway into the skilled trades


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News release from the Northeast Indiana Building Trades, the Fort Wayne Urban League and the Indiana Plan:

BUILD program to create a pathway into the skilled trades

(March 5, 2015) – The Northeast Indiana Building Trades, the Fort Wayne Urban League and the Indiana Plan are coming together to create a pathway into the skilled trades. The need for more apprentices and more diversity within the skilled trades has brought about the BUILD program (Building Trades, Urban League & Indiana Plan Local Diversity). BUILD has created a three week pre-apprentice training that will prepare participants for a career in the skilled trades.

The BUILD program will provide training on job readiness and team work as well as a clear concreate understanding of the 17 skilled trade organizations in Northeast Indiana taught by field experienced instructors.

BUILD will fortify an industry that provides good paying jobs with individual looking for a career and not just another job. Devon Doss, Executive Director of the Indiana Plan said the BUILD program “will assist participants to focus in on the specific skilled trade that fits their professional skill set”. Glenn Head, Diversity Chairperson for the Northeast Indiana Building Trades and Field Representative for International Union of Bricklayers Local no. 4 Indiana and Kentucky, said “we are now building an authentic program that creates real linkages and real relationships with the urban community. We look forward to working with young men and women that want to make the building trades a career.”

Fort Wayne is projecting a record number of construction projects over the next five years. In addition to the latter the average skilled tradesperson in Indiana is 50 plus years old. Therefore, circumstances are timely for a pre-apprenticeship program. There is a definite need for more skilled labor and the tradespersons working in the field now are approaching retirement. Jonathan C. Ray, President and CEO of the Fort Wayne Urban League believes BUILD “will be transformative and create hope and opportunity for participants.”

The BUILD program is a 3 week training program that starts at 7:00am and ends at 3:30pm every day during the training. Those individuals that successfully graduate will earn industry recognized certification, the opportunity to become an apprentice in their chosen field a toolbox, hardhat and other supports that will help them transition into the skilled labor force. Darryl Esterline, Business Representative, Sheet Metal Workers International Association Local no. 20 and President of Northeast Indiana Building Trades, said that “programs like BUILD have been tried in the past and failed but today we are truly committed to making this new initiative work.”


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