FamilyWize in Allen County approaches $2 million savings mark




News release from the Allen County Commissioners:

FamilyWize in Allen County Approaches $2 Million Savings Mark
Prescription discount card saves residents more than $430,000 in 2014

(February 4, 2015) — The FamilyWize program is poised to exceed $2 million in savings for Allen County residents who use the prescription drug discount card, officials with United Way of Allen County and the Allen County Board of Commissioners announced today.

Since FamilyWize was introduced in Allen County in 2007, residents have been able to save nearly $1.8 million on their prescription drugs. The average saved on a prescription is $17.60, or 32.5 percent.

According to figures compiled by FamilyWize, the program saved county residents a total of $439,293 in 2014 — a new one-year record and an increase of more than $123,000 compared to the previous year. The card was used 19,840 times last year, also a new record.

The United Way of Allen County began offering the program to residents through its partner agencies in March of 2007. In April 2008, the Board of Commissioners teamed up with United Way to help publicize the program and distribute cards in the community.

“Without prescription assistance, families are left making difficult decisions between getting medications and buying food,” said Commissioner Nelson Peters. “Our partnership with FamilyWize and United Way of Allen County means we can reach into our community to help residents afford the medications they need and deserve.”

“United Way appreciates the impact that the FamilyWize program has on our community,” added David Nicole, President and CEO of United Way of Allen County. “Our goal is to help our Allen County neighbors live better, more stable lives. This program helps alleviate the cost of prescription medication and allows those dollars to be spent on other critical household necessities. In short, it expands our community’s resources and a household’s budget.”

FamilyWize cards can be used by everyone in the community, not just people without insurance. They can even be used by people with health benefits, including Medicaid or Medicare. Most local pharmacies accept the cards, which have no usage or age limits, income requirements or registration forms.

FamilyWize cards can be obtained online at You can also text the word “family” to 700700 to get a free FamilyWize card sent to your cell phone by text. In addition, cards are available at any of the Associated Churches of Fort Wayne’s 28 food bank locations or by contacting United Way of Allen County or the Board of Commissioners’ office.


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