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Press release from Lutheran Health Network:

Lutheran Health Network Invites Patients to “Tell Us You’re Coming” Prior to Emergency and Urgent Care Visits

(February 3, 2015) – To further enhance patient experience and the efficiency of its emergency departments and urgent care clinics, Lutheran Health Network is now offering a digital option to let patients tell staff at LHN facilities that they are on the way.

The new “Tell Us You’re Coming” feature allows individuals to notify an LHN emergency department or RediMed urgent care clinic in advance of their pending arrival. Facility staff use submitted information to better prepare for patients’ care upon their arrival. Staff can also greet patients by name and acknowledge their symptoms, which can put patients at ease and improve their experience.

“Tell Us You’re Coming” can be easily accessed on the home page of in the QuickER section or via an app called iTriage. Using iTriage, patients may click on the Facilities icon on the first screen and then click on the Emergency Department icon. Orange “Tell Us You’re Coming” tabs are visible under the hospital EDs where the option is available.

“Tell Us You’re Coming” does not schedule an appointment for patients or let them move ahead of other patients. All patients are cared for based on the acuity of their condition, whether the option was utilized or not.

Providers can use a referral feature to notify a Lutheran Health Network emergency department of an incoming patient. Physicians or medical staff can use an “Additional Information” field to provide relevant patient details.

iTriage is an easy-to-use smartphone and online application that allows users to locate vital medical information and local medical services on their smartphones and computers via step-by-step navigation, whether at home or on the road.

Lutheran Health Network added the “Tell Us You’re Coming” feature in mid-December. Since then, an average of five patients visiting the adult and pediatric ERs at Lutheran Hospital have used the feature daily. LHN has been a local advocate of iTriage for more than a year. For more information about iTriage, visit or download the app via Google Play or the App Store.


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