Dupont Hospital receives accreditation for its in-lab and at-home sleep testing


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News release from the Lutheran Health Network:

Dupont Hospital Receives Accreditation for Both Its In-Lab and At-Home Sleep Testing for Patients

(December 1, 2014) – Dupont Hospital Center for Sleep Health recently received program accreditation from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. The accreditation will be valid for five years for both in-lab and at-home sleep studies.

As part of the accreditation process, staff successfully demonstrated their dedication to the advancement of sleep medicine, both in terms of the care they provide and in their commitment to increasing the awareness of sleep health. Dupont offers in-lab and at-home sleep studies to determine potential sleep disorders a patient may be experiencing.

“The American Academy of Sleep Medicine congratulates Dupont Hospital Center for Sleep Health on meeting the high standards required for receiving accreditation as a sleep disorders center,” said Dr. Timothy Morgenthaler, AASM president. “Dupont Hospital Center for Sleep Health is an important resource to the local medical community and will provide academic and scientific value in addition to the highest quality care for patients suffering from sleep disorders.”

Dupont Hospital Center for Sleep Health is directed by Ammar Ghanem, MD, FAASM, and is located on Dupont Hospital’s campus at 2514 E. Dupont Road, Suite 120. Dupont’s team features physicians board-certified in sleep medicine, including a pediatric specialist and a caring staff of sleep technologists and respiratory therapists.

A physician’s order is required for a full sleep study, although free at-home sleep screening is also available through the Dupont sleep center. For more information about the free screens or assistance with the referral process and insurance authorization for a full study, call the Dupont Hospital Center for Sleep Health at (260) 416-5820.

To receive accreditation for a five-year period, a hospital must meet or exceed all standards for professional healthcare as designated by the AASM. These standards address core areas such as personnel, facility and equipment, policies and procedures, data acquisition, patient care, and quality assurance. Additionally, a sleep center’s goals must include plans for positively affecting the quality of medical care in the community.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine is a professional medical society for clinicians, researchers, and other health care providers in the field of sleep medicine. As the national accrediting body for sleep disorders centers, the AASM is dedicated to setting standards and promoting excellence in sleep medicine healthcare, education and research. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine first accredited a sleep disorders center in 1977. Today there are more than 2,500 AASM-accredited sleep centers across the country.

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