Parkview physician takes unique approach to improving quality of life for patient


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Parkview physician takes unique approach to improving quality of life for patient

(November 20, 2014) – Parkview Regional Medical Center recently became the first hospital site in Indiana where a physician completed an endoscopic oversew of a gastric ulcer. The procedure involves accessing the stomach through a specialized two-channel endoscope equipped with a suturing device. Once inside the stomach, healthy tissue is brought over the ulcer and sewn into place, which allows the ulcer to heal without irritation. Neil, Sharma, MD, director of Interventional Endoscopy and Endoscopic Oncology Services, and physician with Parkview Physicians Group — Gastroenterology, successfully completed the procedure without complication.

The endoscopic oversew procedure was used to assist in the treatment and recovery of a gastric ulcer that was bleeding and required multiple transfusions. The patient had been hospitalized for two weeks in the ICU, and was not responding to traditional attempts at treatment by endoscopy, interventional radiology, or antacid medication. Traditionally the next step would have been attempt at surgical oversew via open incisions – but the location was difficult and the patient would have likely needed a complex surgery. This procedure required no open incisions eliminating the need for a complex procedure.

“It was less invasive than traditional surgery or laparoscopy, as there was no cutting involved. This translates to a shorter recovery time and less cost for the patient,” Dr. Sharma said. “Without this procedure, she may have required major surgery – a resection of her stomach. Our capabilities at Parkview Regional Medical Center allow us the ability to perform very complex procedures that are traditional only performed in larger leading academic facilities. The Parkview health system has been an amazing environment for allowing novel technologies to be implemented to advance patient care to the highest level.”

Using the Apollo Overstitch Suturing System, Dr. Sharma was able to help the patient avoid major surgery. Dr. Sharma is one of few physicians in the country trained to perform this type of procedure. According to Apollo – this was the first use of the Apollo overstitch system in this manner to oversew a large gastric ulcer in the state of Indiana.

“Dr. Neil Sharma brings to this region a unique skill set only available in a select group of healthcare systems across the country,” said Ben Miles, COO, Parkview Regional Medical Center and Affiliates. “Dr. Sharma is not alone. Parkview’s commitment to providing access to innovative care options is possible because of the great physician support we have, and we’ll continue working to providing this high level, excellent care in the future.”


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