Voting location postcards to be sent this week

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News release from the Clerk of the Allen Circuit and Superior Court:

Voting location post cards to be sent this week

(October 13, 2014) – Lisbeth Borgmann, Clerk of the Allen Circuit and Superior Courts, wants voters to be aware of an important postcard that should be arriving in their mailboxes this week. This postcard will inform voters of their potential new voting location for the upcoming General Election on Tuesday, November 4, 2014.



“I want to make sure that everyone is aware that their voting location may have changed since the Presidential Election in 2012. If you receive this postcard, the address listed on the front of the card will tell you where you need to vote,” Borgmann said.

There were several reasons for revising the locations. A few sites didn’t want to serve as a polling location any longer and some were not compliant with regulations in the Americans with Disabilities Act. There was also a problem with voters having to drive past one polling location to get to their assigned location. Almost half of the voters in Allen County were assigned new locations during the reorganization of the county’s sites.

Borgmann added, “There was only a 12% voter turn-out in the primary and people may not have voted in a while. I don’t want voters to overlook these important postcards, especially during this season of political mailings.”

Voters may also visit the Allen County Election Board’s website for more information ( The ‘Check Your Polling Location’ link contains an interactive map that provides directions to your polling location and shows the candidates that will be on your ballot.

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