Morris unveils “Rebuild Allen County” infrastructure plan


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News release from the Morris for State Senate campaign:

Morris unveils “Rebuild Allen County” infrastructure plan

(October 10, 2014) – On Thursday, Candidate for State Senate Jack Morris outlined an initiative to direct more resources to infrastructure projects in Allen County. Morris’ plan, “Rebuild Allen County,” would divert a portion of the sale tax already being collected on gasoline and direct it toward local infrastructure projects.

“It’s about priorities. I’m committed to a transportation budget that rebuilds Fort Wayne, not adds another lane around Indianapolis,” said Morris. “By redirecting some of the revenue we’re already collecting toward local infrastructure projects, we can help businesses create jobs right here in our community.”

In the 2014 legislative session lawmakers allocated hundreds of millions of dollars towards widening federal highways. While an effort was made to include a provision to direct money toward local road funding, it was ultimately cut from the final legislation.

“Politicians in Indianapolis don’t get it, rebuilding local roads here in Allen County means jobs,” said Morris. “My plan is a simple step to ensure we’re getting our fair share of transportation funding.”

Roads, bridges and other infrastructure are the backbone of Allen County’s economy. Investing in infrastructure that works for Fort Wayne allows businesses to move goods and services more effectively and grow their bottom line.

If elected, Morris plans to file the Rebuild Allen County plan as well as a number of education, small business and college affordability proposals.


About Jack Morris
Jack Morris is the Democratic candidate for State Senate District 15. Morris is a lifelong resident of Fort Wayne, a practicing attorney and advocate for strong schools. website.


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