AroundFortWayne’s 10,000th blog post!

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This marks AroundFortWayne’s 10,000th blog post since its inception in November, 2007!


AroundFortWayne's 10,000th blog post!


For perspective, AFW celebrated its 1,000th post on January 26, 2009, at 1:21 pm.

On July 19, 2013, AFW celebrated its 8,000 post.

And now, just over a year or 445 days and 2,000 posts later, AroundFortWayne celebrates its 10,000.

AroundFortWayne would like to recognize our sponsors, without whom the last 7 years wouldn’t have been possible. These include: Judi Wire and Great Panes Glass Co., Linda and Jerry Vandeveer and The Wood Shack, Dave MacDonald at GA MacDonald & Associates, Shawna Nicelley and G.I. Joe’s Army Surplus, Chris Shatto and the Historic West Main Street Farmer’s Market, Melissa Dunning and Aunt Millie’s Bakery, Josh Harper and Choice Funeral Care, and Michael Limmer and the TinCaps. Many thanks to them!

AFW would also like to thank Judi and Dan Wire, Linda Vandeveer, Jerry Vandeveer, Dave MacDonald, Shawna Nicelley, Chris Shatto, Melissa Dunning, Ed Graf, Michael Limmer, Mike Nutter, Nelson Peters, Karen Goldner, Andy Downs,Paul Pablo Morrison, Douglas B Pritchett, Danny Turkette and Mitch Harper!!!

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Here’s to another 10,000 posts!



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