Gerardot celebrates opportunity to move Indiana forward


Gerardot for State Representative


Statement from the Gerardot for State Representative campaign:

Gerardot Celebrates Opportunity to Move Indiana Forward

Statement from Thad Gerardot, candidate for State Representative, House District 81:

“Today is another great day for Hoosier families. We should take this as an opportunity to celebrate our state’s diversity and the differences that make our communities stronger. Hopefully, today’s news will mark the end of a divisive debate that has consumed so much of our time and resources over the past decade. Yet even in light of today’s news, there are still those who seek to hold us back and continue a fight that Hoosiers know should have ended long ago. With a new legislative session around the corner, it is time to begin focusing on ways to move our state forward and improve the quality of life for all Hoosiers.”



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