FWPD: Multi Agency Drug Raids Conducted


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News release from the Fort Wayne Police Department:

Multi Agency Drug Raids Conducted

Date:Monday, October 06, 2014


  • 1210 Marion Street
  • 1218 Marion Street
  • 1220 Marion Street
  • 1302 Marion Street
  • 1304 Marion Street
  • 1510 Spy Run Apt 2
  • 1014 Shore Drive
  • 6725 Del Rio Drive
  • 1811 Forest Valley Drive



  • Brandon Bermingham M/18
  • Zachary Brockway M/21
  • Shay Wright F/35
  • Victoria Evans F/25
  • Tony Brockway M/23
  • Paula Jean Brockway F/51
  • Paul Brockway M/26
  • Jonathan Mullins M/37
  • William Duzinskas M/33
  • Tyler Smith M/21
  • Robert Wiseman M/35
  • Chelsea Kennedy F/18



  • Fort Wayne Police
  • Allen County Police
  • New Haven Police
  • Indiana State Police
  • ATF
  • DEA
  • IMAGE Task Force



Multiple law enforcement agencies conducted a series of drug raids that targeted the illegal sales and manufacturing of “Synthetic Marijuana” also known as “Spice” early this morning at locations in both the northeast and northwest portions of the city.

After several months of investigating these locations officers and agents made 12-arrests with charges ranging from Possession Paraphernalia, Visiting a Common Nuisance, Corrupt Business Influence, Maintaining a Common Nuisance, Possession of Marijuana, Dealing Synthetic or Look alike Drug, Possession of Two or more Methamphetamine Precursors, Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest, Possession of a Look Alike Drug, and Carry a Firearm without Permit. At one of the locations 3-children ranging in ages of 9-months, 3-years and 6-years were removed from the home and placed in to the care of the Department of Child Services. A stolen moped was also recovered during the operation.

Officers that investigated the Forest Valley location discovered 1-Kilo of raw synthetic chemical which is used to spray synthetic marijuana giving it the potency when smoked. That 1-kilo of product is enough to create 28-pounds of synthetic marijuana. Also discovered at this location was a large sum of cash.

These incidents continue to be investigated by the Fort Wayne Police, the Allen County Police, New Haven Police, Indiana State Police, FBI-SSTF, ATF, DEA, IMAGE TF and the Allen County Prosecutors office.


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