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Posey for Judge


Judge Daniel G. Heath’s endorsement of James Posey for Judge of the Allen Superior Court, Civil Division:

Along with Stephen M. Sims, I am pleased to endorse Jim Posey for Judge of the Allen Superior Court, Civil Division.

I have served as a Judge of the Allen Superior Court for nearly 18 years. During this period of time, 1 was a Judge of the Allen Superior Court, Civil Division, for more than 16 years. In light of this experience, I believe I am qualified to know what it takes to be a good Judge in Civil Division.

I met Jim Posey when I was a civil practitioner before I took the bench and found him to be an excellent lawyer. After I became a Judge of the Civil Division, I had the pleasure of presiding over cases Jim handled in my court. Based on my long experience with and knowledge of Jim, I can state, unequivocally, that Jim Posey has all of the necessary training, skill, experience, professional demeanor and character to be a great Judge in Civil Division who will bring fresh energy and a new vision to this important court.

By way of example, during Jim’s 27 years as a civil litigator, he has litigated cases in both State and Federal Courts, including a variety of complex civil cases ranging from anti-trust to class action labor and employment matters, as well as cases involving business disputes, employment discrimination, civil rights, estate issues and accident cases. As such, Jim has the knowledge of and experience in dealing with the types of cases that will come before him as a Judge in Civil Division.

Jim also has served as civil legal counsel for divisions of the Allen Superior Court for a number of years. Based on the experience he has gained in this capacity, Jim is familiar with the internal workings of the Allen Superior Court and its personnel. Accordingly, Jim will be in a good position to hit the ground running after he is elected and will continue to serve as a valuable resource for me and his other judicial colleagues when the Court faces personnel and employment issues in the future.

Of great import, Jim gained invaluable judicial experience over the years serving as a Judge Pro-Tem for Judge Sims here at the Allen County Juvenile Center. While serving in this capacity, Jim exhibited an excellent judicial demeanor and gained experience that has helped him understand how to function on the bench as a judge, to appreciate how judicial decisions can have a profound impact on the lives of people who come before a judge and how important it is for a judge to be prepared to get his or her decision right.

Jim Posey is ready to serve as a Judge of the Allen Superior Court, Civil Division, and I am ready to serve with him. I strongly endorse Jim in his run for judge, and I encourage the voters of Allen County to elect Jim Posey Judge of the Allen Superior Court, Civil Division.


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