Allen Superior Court Judge Bobay Named to State Committee


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News release from the Allen Superior Court:

Allen Superior Court Judge Bobay Named to State Committee
Allen Superior Court Judge working to make sure Indiana courts minimize delay

(September 8, 2014) – Allen Superior Court Judge Craig J. Bobay has been appointed by Indiana Chief Justice Loretta Rush to the Judicial Administration Committee of the Indiana Judicial Center.



The Judicial Administration Committee works on projects of vital interest to Indiana’s trial court judges. The committee is working on revisions to the Judicial Weighted Caseload System, a statewide method of uniformly comparing trial court caseloads. The Weighted Caseload System also allows courts to accurately forecast the judicial resources that will be necessary to process their cases.

“Hoosiers expect equal access to justice, no matter what Court their case is filed in,” Judge Bobay said. “The Weighted Caseload System gives Courts a tool for preventing backlogs and delay. I appreciate being able to participate in the important work of making sure our Courts operate as effectively as possible.”

The 2013 weighted caseload data indicates that the statewide average utilization is 1.2. This means, on average, each judge carried a caseload that would take 1.2 judges to handle. That also means that each court has 20% more cases than it should be expected to process. The same data indicates that the Allen County Courts average utilization is 1.3, or 30% higher than optimal.

The committee has also recommended adoption of case management skills and prepared a Benchbook for use by courts in dealing with cases involving unrepresented litigants.

Judge Bobay has previously served on the Problem Solving Courts Committee, Domestic Relations Committee, Jury Rules Committee and Magistrate Committee.

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