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News release from the Allen County Treasurer:

Allen County Treasurer’s Property Tax Sale

(September 4, 2014) – “The Allen County Treasurer’s property tax sale will be held Wednesday, September 10 in the Omni Room at Citizen’s Square.” reported William Royce, Chief Deputy Treasurer for Allen County. “Doors open at 8:00am with the sale beginning at 9:00am and then continuing until all properties have been offered for sale.”

For sale are properties located in Allen County that have unpaid taxes from 1 ½ years ago or later. To be a bidder at the tax sale, you must register with the County Auditor’s Office in Rousseau Centre, Suite 102. Bidders are actually purchasing a tax lien on the property and there is still a one year redemption period for the current owner. Bidders are cautioned to thoroughly research any properties they wish to bid on so they know exactly what they are buying. Complete bidding instructions and the list of properties for sale are available online at or contact the Treasurer’s office at 260.449.7693.

Property owners can still pay off the delinquent taxes to keep their property out of the tax sale up to the day of the sale. Payment must be in the form of cash or a cashier’s check. A payment plan to pay off the old taxes may be arranged by contacting the Treasurer’s office.

The Treasurer’s office speculates that about 800 properties will be offered for sale. Since payments of delinquent taxes are being paid daily, it is impossible to know the exact number of properties going to the sale at this time.

Specific questions about the tax sale may be directed to the Tax Sale Manager 260.449.7241. Questions about payment or payment plans should be directed to the Treasurer at 260.449.7693.

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