The Bicycle Museum of America to Exhibit at Maker Faire Fort Wayne


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The Bicycle Museum of America to Exhibit at Maker Faire Fort Wayne!

(August 26, 2014) – Have you ever seen a Shire bone-shaker or an Ariel highwheeler? Are these words as foreign to you as they were to this writer? Come to Maker Faire and learn about these keys to the history of the bicycle from an exhibit presented by The Bicycle Museum of America.

The origins of the museum come from the Schwinn Bicycle collection. In 1997, Jim Dicke II of Crown Equipment Corporation, a manufacturer of electric lift trucks, purchased the extensive collection of bicycles and memorabilia in Chicago and moved the collection to New Bremen, Ohio.

It’s only fitting the museum found a home in Ohio.The state has played an important part in the history of the bicycle. The Wright Brothers Bicycle Shop, where the first plans for flight were born, was located in Dayton. In 1892, the Davis Sewing Machine Company produced the Dayton bicycle. Ohio has also been home to other prominent bicycle manufacturers including Colson, Shelby and Cleveland Welding, makers of Roadmaster.

From wood, to mass-produced, to titanium, come see how bicycle Makers have solved problems that have transformed the industry over time.


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