TRF Chalk Walk in AFW Time-lapse

The AroundFortWayne Time-lapse camera was busy recording the Three Rivers Festival Chalk Walk in July.

The TRF Chalk Walk ran from July 11th through the 13th. AroundFortWayne would like to thank Josh Harper – sponsor of the AFW Time-lapse camera as well as the Fort Wayne Museum of Art and their wonderful staff members, Amanda Martin and Steve Gaston.

As has sometimes been the case with new cameras, a lesson was learned with this session. Next time, the AFW webmaster needs to remember to not rely solely on the tripod to hold the camera steady. A strong thunderstorm helped to loosen the grip on the camera so that by the end of the run, the camera was tilting to the right. Lesson learned!

The video is available in two versions – a short one (7:47) and a longer one (22:33).




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